About TiaLinx Technology

Unlike traditional radar systems, which focus solely on detecting objects within a defined field of view (FOV) based on cross section and distance, TiaLinx's cutting-edge AI-based imaging capabilities provide vivid, clear, and precise visual representations of detected objects, eliminating ambiguity and enhancing decision-making.

Our principles

We are committed to developing and delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that meet the evolving needs of artificial intelligence applications.

Pioneering Innovation

Seamless Integration

Cutting-edge Technology

We seamlessly integrate millimeter and microwave radiometry with AI applications, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse artificial intelligence needs.

As pioneers in the field, we continuously strive to innovate and push the boundaries of multi-spectra fused-sensors, revolutionizing the AI industry.

Team Members

Unlocking Innovation: TiaLinx's Exceptional Team

TiaLinx, Inc. owes its trailblazing success to a dynamic team boasting over 180 man-years of collective expertise in a wide array of cutting-edge fields. With a passion for innovation and a drive to push the boundaries of technology, this team has consistently delivered groundbreaking solutions.

Digital Signal Processing Wizards

At the heart of TiaLinx's capabilities are experts in digital signal processing (DSP). Their mastery of DSP techniques allows for the extraction of valuable insights from complex data, a fundamental skill for the company's AI-integrated solutions.

Antenna Design Virtuosos

TiaLinx's antenna design experts are instrumental in crafting highly efficient and sophisticated antennas that enable the company's sensors and systems to excel in various environments and applications.

High-Bandwidth Transmitter and Receiver Maestros

The team's proficiency in high-bandwidth transmitter and receiver implementation ensures that TiaLinx's technology can handle vast amounts of data swiftly and reliably, crucial for real-time decision-making.

Analog Front-End Pioneers

With an intricate understanding of analog front-end technology, TiaLinx's specialists ensure that the initial stages of signal processing are as precise and efficient as possible.

Radio Frequency Imaging Innovators

TiaLinx's RF imaging experts play a pivotal role in transforming radio frequency data into meaningful images, enhancing situational awareness across a spectrum of applications.

Artificial Intelligence Visionaries

The AI experts at TiaLinx are the architects of intelligent algorithms that drive real-time data analysis and decision-making, making their systems adaptable and responsive.

Robotics Trailblazers

TiaLinx's team has not only mastered small aerial and land robots but has also delved into sensory capabilities that allow these robots to sense through the air, walls, and even the ground.

Computer-Aided Design Pioneers

Precision in design is paramount, and TiaLinx's computer-aided design experts ensure that every component of their technology meets the highest standards of performance and efficiency.

High-Speed Wire and Wireless System Gurus

TiaLinx's proficiency in high-speed wire and wireless systems empowers their solutions to communicate seamlessly, even in the most demanding scenarios.

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