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AI-assisted Imaging

Degraded visual environments, encompassing conditions like low light, smog, fire, fog, dust, rain, and snow, pose substantial challenges to tactical operations by impairing situational awareness. Leveraging imaging in the millimeter wave spectra has proven highly effective in penetrating these obscurants with minimal attenuation. This confers an invaluable asymmetric tactical advantage, ensuring critical visibility even in adverse conditions.

Integrated Sensors Fusion

TiaLinx is at the forefront of sensor technology, exemplifying a commitment to pushing technological boundaries. Through the seamless integration of millimeter and microwave radiometry, these sensors provide an unparalleled depth of environmental insight. This multi-spectra capability significantly elevates precision and affords adaptability, positioning TiaLinx's solutions as exceptionally versatile and indispensable across a spectrum of demanding applications.

Innovations in AI-assisted Imaging

Degraded visual environments, such as low light, smog, fire, fog, dust, rain, and snow, present significant challenges to objects detection. Imaging in the millimeter wave (“mmWave”) spectra has demonstrated great capability to see through such obscurants with low attenuation.

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TiaLinx, Inc. is a pioneering California Corporation established in 2003. With 100% U.S. ownership, we specialize in developing and providing advanced multi-spectra fused-sensors that integrate millimeter and microwave radiometry with AI applications. Our innovative solutions are designed to meet the diverse artificial intelligence needs of industries. TiaLinx proudly safeguards its intellectual properties with an impressive portfolio of 80 U.S. granted patents, reflecting its commitment to innovation and technological leadership.

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